Virtual Exchange: Learning outcomes and students’ experiences

25 September 2020

Three major European initiatives about Virtual Exchange, EVOLVEErasmus+ Virtual Exchange and NICE have come together to organise a series of virtual events on the current state and future directions of Virtual Exchange in Higher Education and its relevance in the light of the COVID19 pandemic.

In a global educational context which is increasingly characterised by an interest in internationalisation at home and considering the impact of the current COVID19 pandemic on international student mobility, Virtual Exchange offers universities a powerful complement to physical mobility programmes.

These events will offer members of the Higher Education community an opportunity not only to learn about the basic principles of Virtual Exchange, but also to become informed about different Virtual Exchange initiatives which are currently underway to promote this approach to learning in Europe and to provide evidence of its effectiveness in university contexts. The different sessions will therefore be of interest to university management, educational policy makers as well as university faculty members across disciplines.

The events include contributions by Virtual Exchange practitioners, university decision makers, faculty and students from each of the participating projects. This will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of this fascinating activity. The virtual events include opportunities for questions and answers on the themes which emerge during the event.

Key questions which will be discussed during these virtual events include the following:

  • What is the current level of impact and up-take of Virtual Exchange in European higher education?

  • In what ways is Virtual Exchange being implemented by European universities?

  • What can research tell us about the contribution of Virtual Exchange to student learning?

  • What barriers exist to the implementation of Virtual Exchange?

  • What are students’ and teachers’ experiences of Virtual Exchange?

  • How do university decision makers view Virtual Exchange? What role do they see it having in the future?

The second Virtual Event on Friday 25 September 2020, 12:00 PM (noon) CEST focuses on:

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Deadline: September 21st.

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